Pimp up your Pumpkin!

This tutorial is from our fabulous blog pal Yesterday’s Sweetheart. It’s a great way to get the kids involved in a safe but super fun way to making your Halloween a very STYLISH one!
You can personalise the pumpkins with whatever colours and patterns you want – let your kids’ imaginations run WILD! Here’s what you’ll need:

Base painting: Once you have decided on a colour, paint all your pumpkins and let them dry, while you decide on the patterns and glitter colours you want! Hopefully the glitter will match your home decor because you can betcha it will be hanging around for months after….on the rug, on your left eyelash, in your sock…

For the dots: Dip the stamp in some glue, blot the excess on newspaper and stamp 2-3 circles (or other shapes) on the pumpkin – sprinkle glitter on each one and work your way around, until your pumpkin is covered as you wish.

For the stripes: Brush on glue on every other section, glitter as you work your way around. Clean your brush and brush off all the extra glitter around pumpkin, seal it with a spray and VOILA you’re done.

A stylish pumpkin – I’ll be making that one of my 5 a day!

Shoot to Brill

So, a few weeks back, we had a photo-shoot with the fabulously talented Julia Boggio. Photographer, Blogger and Mother extraordinaire. She makes me sick! Her photo credit list reads like a who’s who – topped by no less than the Queen at her Jubilee Celebrations. She has shot 30 magazine covers, countless beautiful families, and now…..me. And my stinky little twins. Here is what she did magic’d with us….

Julia Boggio Studios Photo Shoot
Rrrrr...for Roxie
Julia Boggio Studios Photo Shoot
Mmmmmm for Minnie

I had told Julia how well behaved my girls were as they were used to posing for my writing. As the words fell out my mouth, so the pinching, moaning and general naughtiness unfolded. Was rather embarrassing. But Julia being the pro she is, sent me off and somehow got the very best out of the girls.

Julia Boggio Studios Photo Shoot
Mother Suckas
Julia Boggio Studios Photo Shoot

The fabulous dresses are by Little Troll  from £36 each – one of the talented emerging designers showcased at SS13 Bubble London.

Shoots with Julia Boggio Studio’s can either take place at their fabuloso boutique studio in Wimbledon or at your choice of location. Studio shoots start from £195. To book an appointment, please phone +44 (0) 20 7042 9777 or visit their website. Also check out her BRILLIANT blog I Carried a Watermelon.

The kids….are not for sale – well, not today anyway….

A Little Bit of Crazy

No – not me. Although probably a correct diagnosis. I’m talking about Crazy Stuff – animal themed kids cycle/scoot/skate accessories from Denmark. Fun. Cool. Safe. Crazy. Check it!

Crazy Stuff Helmets
I do hope she's not watering the grass....

Bien sur, the helmets all conform to British and European safety standards. They are lightweight, fully-moulded and size adjustable to fit kids 3-8 years old. And because they are fun – kids LOVE to wear them. It’s a bit like dressing up! Here are the new styles for this season.

Crazy Stuff Helmets
Crazy Stuff Helmets
Crazy Stuff Helmets

B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T! Available from Alex and Alexa £35 each.

But wait. WAIT! We don’t stop there darlings. Oh no, we like to go the extra mile for our people. I have all 3 to give away! One Zebra, One Leopard and One Toucan. Three winners will be picked at random from my FACEBOOK JUNKIES on Friday 24th August at 12pm. So all you need to do to be entered into the draw, is LIKE our Facebook page. Fingers crossed!

Boring but necessary T’s and C’s  You can state a preference for the helmet but I cant guarantee your first choice. Winners will be notified via a Facebook status update on Friday 24th August. Winners have a maximum of 28 days to claim their prize.



Forget PND – Post Natal Depression – society has a new issue to deal with starting today. Post Olympics Depression.

My husband will suffer from it quite ACTUELY- probably needing some form of therapy. Probably in the form of YouTube clips, Sky Plus and DVD’s – to re-live and re-live and re-live and RE-LIVE the sensations of the extreme highs and lows of the games.

My husband won Gold, Silver AND bronze for number of visits...

I too will need some form of therapy to cope with his POD. Retail of course. And actually, I think I have managed to find something that will satisfy my need to spend AND his need for more Olympics action.

Check these babies out…The BOLT evoSpeedometer trainer by Puma, AKA the ‘Usain Bolt trainer’.

Usain Bolt Puma Kids Trainer Step Two
Bring out their inner Bolt with these babies...

This unique trainer is a direct match of the running spike that took Usain Bolt to Gold in the men’s 100m final.  And look, they also have it for girlies….

Usain Bolt Puma Kids Trainer Step Two
Belt it like Bolt in these....

What really sets this trainer apart is that it can MEASURE YOUR SPEED! How cool is that?!

The kids run as fast as they can and then press the button on the upper of the shoe to view the result. The form stripe will light up according to the speed of the runner. It displays five different levels: Slow Walker, Jogger, Runner, Sprinter and….USAIN BOLT! (That level is for me….on sales days….).

Usain Bolt Puma Kids Trainer
He da man!

It’s in-store NOW in the Step2wo concessions in Selfridges London, Birmingham and Manchester Trafford. £69.50 in infant sizes 3 – 9 and £79.50 in sizes 10 – 2.

Make like Bolt – and get busy….SUPER FAST!