Friday Fash Off is Spot On

Oh it does give me such such SUCH pleasure to see pretty things and spread the love to those that like to splurge and those that don’t. Check this out.

Nussy Dress in Neon Orange from €205 Bonpoint.

Friday Fash Off Girls Dresses
Ooooh - I'm dotty about this

And, here we have the Autograph Neon orange spotted dress £25 Marks and Spencer.

Friday Fash Off Girls Dresses

So, for neon spot dresses, spend more….spend less – be stylish either way!

Friday Fash Off Baby

Today for our Friday Fash Off this week, we turn to onesies, rompers, babygro’s – call it what you want – spend more, spend less – either way it will have vomit and snot down it in a matter of moments. But for those few seconds it doesn’t  – boy is it nice to look at a cute STYLISH baby!

Baby Fashion Baby Clothes
My girls Teeny-Eeny-Incy-Wincy

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Friday Fash Off

Oh Mrs Beckham, your style leading credentials have gone beyond the realms of women’s fashion and have entered kids fashion. Gap to be precise. Let us compare.

VB the real deal. Dress £595 by Victoria by Victoria Beckham. Sky high completely-impractical-for-ANY-mother-I-don’t-care-who-you-are-Louboutins £who cares!

Kids Fashion Kids Style Victoria Beckham

Gap Kids take on the dress, £17.95. I’d team with glittery ballet flats. Much more practical – whatever the age!

Kids Fashion Girls Dresses

So you see, every girl can have a bit Victoria Beckham in her wardrobe – but beware, there’s not a lot of her to go around….