Fash Off – Cosmic

Now as you well know – I love stylish things. And I love them more – when they are accessible to everyone – whatever your budget. So today – we turn our Fash Off attention to Cosmic leggings. Look – I love these and have these…well not me – Minnie..but I do wish I could!

Kids Leggings Mothercare La Loi (2)

Cosmos leggings by the absolutely fabulous and talented La Loi £39. And great for both boys and girls.

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Fash-Off Kids Storage

Vegetables, fruit, water, exercise, diet, fresh air – all very important in the life of a kid. And for their mother – storage! I mean how much C.R.A.P. can one small person accumulate? So today – we look at a brilliant, stylish storage solutions. Spend more, spend less – who cares – JUST PUT IT AWAY!!!!


First stop – Habitat. This Slot Kids wardrobe has 2 drawers, a hanging rail and cubby holes, offering a variety of storage options. £450 Habitat.

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Friday Fash Off – Stripe Two!

It’s been haling – Spring must be upon us. As you clever junkies know it’s ALL about stripes this season. We’ve done horizontal – how else do you think I made my twins. Oh..sorry – I got distracted – word association with the word horizontal. I mean, we’ve done horizontal stripes. So let’s get vertical!

This dress by Baby K for Mothercare is a piece. Blue and white and nice not naughty nautical. And such a great price!  From £14 Mothercare.

Friday Fash Off Girls Stripey Dresses Mothercare and No Added Sugar

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