Wrap Up Bright and Stylish!

Gift oneupmanship is a game I have long ago opted out of. Well, in terms of their contents anyway. However…I am still in the game of oneupmanship when it comes to wrapping. My presents need stand out value. They need to be picked first from the sea of presents under the tree and opened.

So whilst on the hunt for some funky wrapping – I came across Neon London. I loved their work SO much, that I asked them do do us a Guest Post with their top gift wrapping tips – so Junkies, here you go…I PRESENT (see what I did?) Sophie from Neon London.

kids-xmas-christmas-gift-present-wrapping-tutorial-guest-post-neon-london-etsy (3)

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Four Letter Word

I have lots of favourite four letter words to describe Valentine’s Day. None of which I can write here of course. Except this one – LOVE. So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day – let’s seek out some cool kids things that spell out this wondrous word.

Let us start with art. This sofa is a SUPER-PIECE! By Florence Jaffrain. L.O.V.E!

Valentines Day Kids Love Home Accessories

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