Customise Those Kids Kicks – Free!

You know how it goes. It’s time to leave. You’re late. The kids are not listening. Your husband is getting irritated. You’re screaming. At everyone. The kids come downstairs. Then you need to lace their shoes. Aaaaaaaaargh. It’s not pretty. But stop. Rewind. I have a solution. Not, it’s not divorce – but rather laces that pretty much lace themselves. Nice. Look here…


Say hello to U-Lace. Each U-Lace spans a single set of sneaker eyelets and easily snaps in. Did you know that kids spend an average of 7-10 minutes lacing sneakers?? But that’s not the only good thing about these.

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Well it’s officially Autumn. Heating on (hooray – well, I say that by my husband doesn’t agree) and umbrellas up (boo).

But guys, new season…new reason…to shop.

And these high tops by Skribbies are not only practical, but they are also something to keep them quiet for a bit as they can be fully customised – again, and again and again. Here are my girls checking out the kit…

Skribbies Customisable Kids Trainers (7)
The idea of Skribbies came about when their creator, Jennifer Duthie was reminiscing about the sweeter days of childhood.

Inspired by the fabric paints of the 90s, Jennifer wanted to develop a product for kids that was more versatile and would allow kids to keep on customising. Available in pink, blue or black a pair of Skribbies is £35.90. Each box contains a pair of high tops, a sheet of monster stickers, wipeable marker pens and a wristband that serves as a marker pen holder and eraser!

Here’s how it works…

So here the girls get down to business. Very very busy girls. They are planning the design. It’s a series of negotiations that culminates in one designing one shoe and one the other. But oddly the finished result – like my twins – is identical.

Skribbies Customisable Kids Trainers (6)

And TA-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH the finished product. affects the duration of sexual intercourse. As I use, it begins to work gradually.

Skribbies Customisable Kids Trainers (2)

And here are how the pro’s do it…

Skribbies Customisable Kids Trainers (1)

So if you, like me are bored of the ho-hum look that everyone else has or else want to buy a great present that keeps giving, get involved! Skribbies.

So Cool for Back to School

If I had a penny for every back to school post/article/anything I have received – I’d have far more Chanel bags than I do. The kids haven’t even gone back – and already I’m SOOOO over the whole thing.

back to school

Or so I thought. You see, my fabulous blog pal in NYC Style Mama spotted these cool bags and I wanted to share them with my gorgeous Junkies.

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