Get Kids to Biscuiteers for Fathers Day Gifts

I rate myself as a cook. And I am not bad at baking either. One thing I cannot do though, and it kills me, is ice cookies. I look at blog posts and vlogs on how to do it. It looks so easy. It’s possible I have some type of icing dyslexia or something – but try as I might – it’s an epic fail. A.L.W.A.Y.S. So when we decided that we would make something for Fathers Day (anything we usually buy gets grateful received and then bunged in a drawer – never to be used again) we sought professional help and took ourselves to Biscuiteers.


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Kitty Cookies

Now I am neither a cat person, nor a master baker (frankly not any type of baker actually) – yet somehow these cookies turned me into a bit of both! Check it…


Yes – I am rather chuffed with myself. And with my step by step tutorial you can join me in smug-baker world with my Kitty Cookies!

Let us get down to baking business.

You Will Need:

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Happy Farters Day

Never a truer word spoken in jest eh? So it’s soon time to celebrate those that have been so helpful to us since the moment they impregnated us. For doing just that. And….not much else. Unless being deaf to the kids screaming and Siamese twinned to the TV remote counts….

Fathers Day Recipe Bakerella
My husband had this made bespoke....

Nonetheless, we shall celebrate. In true mummy-trooper style! With this brilliant recipe from pal o’ the blog and ridiculous baking genius Bakerella.

Fathers Day Recipe Bakerella

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Teachers Pet

Poor me. My kids have already broken up from school. And with that, we’ve had Christmas play, Christmas parents drinks (I was erm…too busy to attend..) and the usual sucking up to the teachers in the hope of ongoing goodwill to your children.

This year – we decided to MAKE something for them. Look…

Homemade Xmas Presents for Teachers
Who's a Clever Girl Then?

To get your kids to the top of the class, here’s step by step instructions to get there…

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