Are You Ready To Play for Free This Xmas?

The big Christmas build up has begun. I’ve started with my Top 10 Stylish Xmas Kids Gifts. I actually had a complaint about the prices of some of my choices. You know the type. OK – I get it, Xmas can be very expensive and let’s face it – kids more often than not either (a) prefer the packaging to the gift or (b) play with the gift obsessively for a few days and then it goes into the toy cupboard, along with last year’s latest and greatest gifts, to die.

So in the spirit of Xmas and giving – today I am both giving you a great idea for a Xmas present, but I also have 3 of these things to give away. What you may say? Coloud The Boom Kids Headphones people. Look here…

Boom Kids Coloud Headphones Giveaway Free Xmas

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Customise Those Kids Kicks – Free!

You know how it goes. It’s time to leave. You’re late. The kids are not listening. Your husband is getting irritated. You’re screaming. At everyone. The kids come downstairs. Then you need to lace their shoes. Aaaaaaaaargh. It’s not pretty. But stop. Rewind. I have a solution. Not, it’s not divorce – but rather laces that pretty much lace themselves. Nice. Look here…


Say hello to U-Lace. Each U-Lace spans a single set of sneaker eyelets and easily snaps in. Did you know that kids spend an average of 7-10 minutes lacing sneakers?? But that’s not the only good thing about these.

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Want Your Kids to Model?

I think a lot of us mums see our kids through rose tinted specs. My mum thought I was a beautiful baby. And I was, of course. She also thought my little sister was a beautiful baby. All I can say is when people came over to peek at her when she was out and about with my mother, they would more often than not say “Nice pram”…

Anyhoo – she grew into a beautiful young lady and got married way before me, so let’s not cry too hard for her. But I digress. Many mothers – well, most mothers, except probably me – definitely when my girls were tiny little ratty thingies – think their babies and kids are beautiful and think they will be the best thing to happen to kids modelling since…erm – whatever – they think they could be models.

gap casting call kids baby model competition

And in many many cases, oh dear they are wrong. But in a few cases, they are so so right. And for those mums, I have something fabulous for you! How about your kids being the star of the next Gap/Baby Gap marketing campaign? Now obviously I have told Gap, that if I write about this, my girls have to win – but let us pretend you have a chance – here are some details for you. (OK that is a joke before you get blah blah on me)

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Benny the Cat Trunki Giveaway!

If I say Trunki to anyone – the first thing they say is “oh those pull along suitcases” and then in the next breath “Dragons Den“. Oh yes. It’s amazing how many of us watched an EPIC Dragon fail. Trunki was pulled apart by the Dragons and then has gone on to M.A.S.S.I.V.E. global success selling 1.8 million of their ride-on suitcases. Big mistake Dragons. Huge.

And Trunki have just given birth to a fab new design Benny the Cat.

New Cat Trunki Guest Post Kid Style Junkie Cookie Decorating Tutorial

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