Hemsley + Hemsley Take You to Paradise

Remember, remember the 5th of November. Now we know we’ve all over-sugared it with Halloween, so today I wanted to give you something for Bonfire night. Something much healthier than a Toffee Apple.

Now, what I find with a lot of the ‘Clean/Healthy Eating’ recipes, is that the food is yuck, my kids close their mouths to it, and we end up eating ice-cream to drown our sorrows. So I for one am a huge fan of the Hemsley Sisters’ recipes. Not only are the dishes beautiful to look at, they actually taste as good as they look. And double bonus, they are G.O.O.D. for you! And today you lucky things, triple bonus, they have shared with us their recipe for these Paradise Bars. Let’s go!

Hemsley + Hemsley Kids Healthy Eating Recipe


Here’s what you need:

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Love Drops

I was flipping though Martha Stewart’s website – as sometimes I like to wallow in my domestic inadequacy…anyway – I saw these great nonpareil (aka Jazzies!) and thought YES for Valentines Day. So whilst I was in the kitchen making Love Bark I whipped a batch of these up as they make for a great Valentines Day gift. For yourself. If you’re me. Cos your husband forgets you…

Valentines Day Recipe Tutorial Chocolate Treat Kids Fun (1)


Valentines Day Recipe Tutorial Chocolate Treat Kids Fun (19)

  • 200g Chocolate. I have used a mix of plain dark and orange dark – which made them super YUM!
  • 1/2 teaspoon of pure vegetable shortening.
  • Round sprinkles – I chose Valentine’s colours!


Line a baking tray (make sure it fits into your fridge!) with parchment paper.

Break up the chocolate bars into a bowl, and add your shortening. Place the bowl over a pan gently boiling water making sure the water does not touch the bowl. Slowly melt the chocolate until it is a smooth consistency.

Valentines Day Recipe Tutorial Chocolate Treat Kids Fun (18)

Spoon the melted chocolate into blobs (technical chef term..) the size of a 1p piece on the baking sheet. Don’t panic if they are not perfect.

Let the blobs cool for around 20 mins (not in the fridge).

Valentines Day Recipe Tutorial Chocolate Treat Kids Fun (15)

Cover evenly with the sprinkles  (get the kids involved here – and a good hoover for after..) and put the tray into the fridge for 3 hours to harden.

Valentines Day Recipe Tutorial Chocolate Treat Kids Fun (6)

Take them out of the fridge  – stack them in little boxes or put them straight into a bowl and stuff some in your mouth like I did. Trust me – they are worth breaking your 2014 no sugar rule for…