What We Wore – Smarty Pants

We all like to dress up. God knows my kids do. They go over to a friends house – or their friends come to ours. Within about 30 seconds – they’re all down to their knickers and busy in the dress up drawer. Always.

Kids Dress Up Clothes

But today – I’m talking about dressing up – in the – wow what an effort way – rather than a cheap, itchy, tacky, princess-dress way.

Over the summer – we’ve had a few ‘do’s so I thought I would share what the girls wore – as I was rather happy with how they scrubbed up! Here we go..

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Friday Fash-Off

Darlings – those of you that know me well, know my absolute FAVOURITE compliment ever is “Oooh I like that (insert item here), is that from (insert expensive designer here)?” and I’m like *smug smile* “ACTUALLY no, it’s from (insert high street store here)”.

Well that, and “My god woman you’re a total creative genius, and are stunningly beautiful, super stylish, so so popular, a phenomenal cook and skinny and look far too young to have your own children”.

Anyway anyway – I got all inspired and decided that on a Friday I shall bring you a designer look and it’s equivalent from the high street. Could be clothes, accessories, home, toys – anything. Starting now.

chloe-kids-chloe-girls-gold-sequin dress

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