Top 10 Purrrrrfect Cat Fashion Pieces for Kids for AW16

Did anyone else let our a giant WHOOP of yesterday (once the kisses and assurances that everything was going to be OK) on your kids’ first day back at school? I’ll start. ME!  Now don’t get me wrong. I do adore my kids. Just in ever so slightly smaller doses than you get from 24/7 for 8 weeks on the trot. Like THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (insert giant hand width) MUCH!

Now, as well as back to school heralding the end of summer – it also means the start of winter. Not in the literal sense, but most certainly in the wardrobe sense. And as always at KSJ HQ, we like our readers to be on top on trends. So over the coming weeks, we shall be paying attention to our fave AW16 trends and how to get the look for them kids. Today – it’s purrrrrrrrrrfecty obviously, about cats. My favourite type of cat. One that is not a living actual creature. So, to the CATwalks we go…


First up Gucci. My complete obsession and unrequited love – largely due to my epic fail of not having married a billionaire. Next we have Loewe – which I was told, in a very passive-agressive way some years ago by a complete bit£% i used to work with at a designer fashion brand, is pronounced Low-aire-vey. Whatevs – they too had cats!


So here is how it works for kids.

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Film Fashion – Top 10 Alice in Wonderland Girls Fashion and Accessories

As we know, Alice Through the Looking Glass is in UK cinemas now. It has not, sadly, proved to be a popular sequel. Which is a shame, as it is so beautiful to look at and has such a brilliant cast. Having my very own Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee I am a big fan.

BUT where the film has failed, fashion has succeeded. There are a few brands getting in on the Alice in Wonderland thing, even when the film-going public are not! Now anyone that knows me or reads my blah, knows that Licensed Product makes me a little bit sick in my mouth. But these brands have got the balance between Licence and Style right. Here are my Top 10 picks:

Top 10 Alice in Wonderland Girls Fashion and Accessories

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Bring on the Stylish Junk Food!

Chips, burgers, hotdogs, popcorn….yum yum YUM! Kale’s all very well but come ONNNNN – it’s yucky!!! I believe a little bit of junk food does no harm – especially if it’s not ingested. Lucky for us, junk food is a big kids fashion trend this season so our kids can indulge, without indulging! Here are my top 10 picks for fashion and home.

top picks junk food kids fashion accessories home decor

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Cool characters

Normally I would balk at the idea of a character ANYTHING, but Little Eleven Paris know how to make character merchandise chic. And for this season they have added some wash bags and duffles to the collection.

It’s a WIN WIN situation – the kids will be happy because what child doesn’t LOVE a bit of Disney, and us stylish parents are happy, as it’s not vomit-inducing – in fact – quite the opposite! LOVE. Perfect for sleepovers or holidays, they are made in a cotton jersey blend with a chunky zip closure.  Now for the difficult part..OH how to choose.. will it be the girly Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck…

Disney Little Eleven Paris Childrensalon wash bags kids fashion accessories stylish kids (7)

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Let The Sun Shine

I feel like in my sleep I have been transported into another country. Is this really London? The dull, grey wet London I haven’t exactly come to love – as much as got used to. I’m loving life. It is almost impossible for even me to be a moody cow in this sunshine.

So how appropriate are these super edgy sunnies for our kids by Sons + Daughters.

sons+daughters kids eyewear UVA UVB protection Spring Summer 2014 Collection (1)

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