Fash Off – Don’t be Catty

So I have found a perfect Fash Off for your girls for this Halloween. Spend more, spend less – we care not – as long as their get their feet purrrrrfect. Let’s start with these. Incy Kitty Flats by Charlotte Olympia £195. Oh yes. Not a cheap option but remember, a cat should not just be for Halloween.


Now if like most of us, your budget is more mouse, than cat – how about these velvet cat ballet flats from Gap Kids £16.95.

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Bunny Boiler

We all love a classic kids book don’t we? It gave me enormous pleasure to read books to my kids when they were weeny things that I had read to me as a kid. Pat the Bunny (Amazon £8.05) is a classic “touch and feel” book for small children and babies and has been a perennial best-seller in the US since its publication in 1940.

pat-the-bunny-kids-baby-book-harrods-bonpoint-adenanais-charlotte-olympia-kids-fashion-baby-accessories-Julia-Restoin-Roitfeld (2)

It is not a story per se, but more a collection of things to do, such as pat the fake fur of a rabbit on one page, feel a bit of sandpaper that stands for “daddy’s scratchy face” on another, and look in a mirror on yet another. For its time – it was groundbreaking in it’s use of interactive elements.

pat-the-bunny-kids-baby-book-harrods-bonpoint-adenanais-charlotte-olympia-kids-fashion-baby-accessories-Julia-Restoin-Roitfeld (2)

To celebrate its 75th birthday, the beautiful, young, uber stylish, model, blogger, yummiest of yummy mummies (oh boy do I hate her…) Julia Restoin-Roitfield (if you don’t know who she is you are not worthy of my typing…) has curated a 14 piece anniversary collection for Pat The Bunny with 3 of her favourite brands, aden + anais, Bonpoint & Charlotte Olympia – that launches exclusively this Saturday at, where else…Harrods.

Picture 789

Items are also available to buy online. I’m telling you people – get busy as this bunny is hot hot HOT!

Charlotte Olympia – The Incy Collection

Now you show me a woman who doesn’t have a thing for shoes and bags and I will..erm..never be their friend!

Charlotte Olympia are a fashionistas choice of footwear. Stylish. Original. Expensive. Comfy. And imagine my delight when I found out they have now launched a line for our shinky dink daughters! The Incy Collection.

Charlotte Olympia Incy Shoe Collection for Girls (2)
Kitty Flats £195

Let’s have a proper look…

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