Devils Eyeball Cake Pop Tutorial

Today darlings, in the spirit of all things scary…I bring you a FAHHHHHBULOUS Halloween treat from my new contributor and baker-extraordinaire Lily’s Sweet Factory. Her creations are so brilliant she catered my own little Princesses birthday party, where apart from moi and moi’s loin fruits – the food was legendary!

So here we go! I give you…her step by step guide for how to make DEVILS EYEBALLS  MWOAHAHAHAHAHA *loud evil laughter explodes*

Halloween Cake-Pop Tutorial
Great! Gross!

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Get on Top of the Pops!

No darlings, we’re not going time travelling. I’m talking about CAKE POPS. Those delicious balls of yum that never fail to excite.

And because I love you guys and want everyone to think you are a baking GENIUS, I’m sharing with you this fantastic cake pop tutorial by our friend and jealous-making baker extraordinaire Bakerella. It only takes a few minutes to watch, but ’tis a skill for a lifetime….and one day, you could make these….

Bakerella Cake-Pop Tutorial
Don't be sheepish - watch and learn!

Just don’t sue me, if you eat too many and your clothes don’t FIT! Enjoy!

NOTE: For all your decoration bits and bobs try The Cake Decorating Company.

Get Baking it – not Faking it..

Maybe you’re a faker? Lord knows I am. Get’s him off my back, stops him nagging at me. And it only costs money. OH, I see where your dirty minds are going with that. This ain’t 50 Shades of Grey! I’m talking about BUYING cakes over actually baking them! *rolls extremely large and long eye-lashed eyes heavenward*

So let’s stop faking. Here’s the REAL deal that you, yeh YOU could whip up!

Sweetapolita Baking Tutorial
Chocolate Pastel Swirl Cake

And here’s how. Our baking genius friend Sweetapolita has devised a video tutorial, that shows you, very simply, how to make this look so beautiful. Have a look..

Now for the ingredients and method visit Sweetapolita. Then get baking and showing off…..and stop reading those naughty books!


Calorific Terrific Sushi

Real Sushi

OK so not of the fish kind but of the cake kind. NOOOO not a fish cake or even a cake with fish flavour (ugh I’m not Heston you know….) but cupcakes that look like sushi rolls. Deelish Nom Nom! I found this recipe on the wonderful Aussie blog Rasberri Cupcakes – who is so clever – I’m jealous.

Sweet Sushi Yum in my Tum

You Will Need:

Well, let’s do this the lazy way – always my preferred way – and buy a pre-measured out cupcake mix – try Sainsbury’s.

Tiny green cupcake cases try Splat Cooking – green representing seaweed bien sur.

A box of Rice Krispies which she calls Rice Bubbles.

400g White Chocolate broken/chopped up

Packet of fruity gummy sweets like- wine gums. fruit gums, gummy bears – pick out all the orange, green and yellow ones and chop into cubes of about 5mm each and if you want to, sort them into colours. You could take a risk at this point and get your kid to do this part. Risk being, 1 for the green pile, 4 stuffed in their gob…

How To Make:

Take a trip down under to her blog for the method and astound yourself with your new found baking genius. Nobu eat your heart out!