Run Like the Wind..

Once Princess Kate finally pops, she’ll have been pregnant for a very long time and no doubt desperate to get that gorgeous body back to form.

And I, am going to help her. With a bit of help from my pals at Bugaboo who have in such a timely manner launched a new buggy  – let me present the Bugaboo Runner.

bugaboo-jogger-runner-baby-buggy-stylish-exercise (6)

Nice eh? When my twins were babies – I had a double buggy jogger. Yeh right! Like THAT was E.V.E.R going to happen. Yet had I have had one kid – this would have been for me. OK OK I still hate running but it looks so cool, and just by walking around with it in your newborn baby fug, you will look like you are one of those super fit gym bunny bitches.

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