Wild & Gorgeous – boys and girls fashion

So of all the brands my girls have worn since they were born – and believe me, the combination of fashionista mother and kids fashion blogger has meant exposure to many, many brands – ilovegorgeous would have to be their total favourite. Launched in 2006 and by friends Sophie and Lucy – it has grown into a brand with a £2 million annual turnover, a strong celebrity following and international sales from top stores around the world from Selfridges in London to Barneys in New York.


I can’t explain why other than when their have worn their dresses, they feel really, well, gorgeous, and kind of proud of themselves. They waft around with their little heads raised high. It’s how you want your girls to feel. Confident. Good about themselves. Here they are twirling age 4.


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Brand Crush – The Animals Obervatory

Today I have let a blogger pal loose on my site – Anika Birchall, who writes a lovely kids fashion and interiors blog Homework. She’s going to let you know about one of 2016’s hottest launches for kids – The Animals Observatory by Bobo Choses former creative director, Laia Aguilar and Jan Andreu. And let me tell you early doors, I’m quite obsessed….


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Star Wars – Kids Style Wars

Unless you have been living under a stone,you will have heard the build up to the most anticipated films of the year – errr in fact the last ten years – Star Wars – The Force Awakens. And fashion is of course on the bandwagon. Now those of you that know me know that I am a little bit sick in my mouth at any licensed product but I have to say, I have managed to pick ten pieces that are, well, out of this world. Look…

Let’s quite literally kick off with these beauties by Adidas £45.


As Obi-Wan Kenobi says “Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them” – this zip through looks super expensive but is cheap as chips £9 – oh yes George at Asda.

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Top 10 to Halloween Heaven

Halloween is round the corner. Arguably the best day in my girls’ year – ahead of their birthday. Why? Because you get the dress up and eat sweets of course. Outfit conversations start on the 31st October as a matter of course. Of course.

But, what we will not have, is an ugly, scratchy costume situation. We will do this with style. Let’s go!

Now that’s a treat eh? No tricks in sight. Happy Halloween!


H&M Heaven

OK – let’s get right down to business as we are in a BIG BIG hurry. Today H&M launch their new Autumn/Winter kids collection that is based on the incredible H&M Studio line. In the interest of time – I’m shutting my big mouth and will let these beauties do the talking as you need to get busy as a matter of extreme kids style urgency. Here are my top picks…

H&M AW15 Kids Fashion Shoes Accessories Collection

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