Exclusive Kids Fashion Launch – Balmain Kids at Harrods

You know that times are sad when you – aged in your, ahem ahem 30’s (plus a bit and a bit more) – have wardrobe envy of a 3 year old.


Much like her mother, Kim, but with a much, MUCH smaller bottom – Little North West, is as we know, already a bit of a fashion icon.

And as happens with normal kids aged two NEVER, this little girl was gifted a selection of custom made Balmain jackets by its creative director Olivier Rousteing. And they were so stylish, so dinky and sadly so not available to buy. But now, the Balmain designer has launched a fully fledged kids fashion line for SS17 and will showcase this collection where else, but Harrods Mini Superbrands, naturellement. Let us look.

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New Kids Brand Alert – Carlota Barnabe

Today’s post is bitter-sweet. Sweet, because I have found a new brand that is super gorgeous. Bitter, because it is only for 0-6 year old kids – and mine are 9. But for you, I shall share, as it’s a great way to get what I call a Bonton look – one of my favourite French kids stores – but for less. Oh and for my lovely readers, even less, as below we have an exclusive 15% discount code. Let’s have a look…


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Wild & Gorgeous – boys and girls fashion

So of all the brands my girls have worn since they were born – and believe me, the combination of fashionista mother and kids fashion blogger has meant exposure to many, many brands – ilovegorgeous would have to be their total favourite. Launched in 2006 and by friends Sophie and Lucy – it has grown into a brand with a £2 million annual turnover, a strong celebrity following and international sales from top stores around the world from Selfridges in London to Barneys in New York.


I can’t explain why other than when their have worn their dresses, they feel really, well, gorgeous, and kind of proud of themselves. They waft around with their little heads raised high. It’s how you want your girls to feel. Confident. Good about themselves. Here they are twirling age 4.


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May the Fifth Be With You

Happy May the 5th. The Tuesday that feels like a Monday, that is so depressing after a lovely, long weekend. However – I’m here to cheer you up! Star Wars fever is building! The new trailer is out. It’s…well, I suppose super exciting to those people who love Star Wars. But whatever. What I’m super excited about, is that as of yesterday – May 4th, Star Wars Day – the amazing – and let me tell you when I say amazing – I MEAN it – Courage and Kind Star Wars collection launched in Harrods.

Star Wars Harrods Disney Kids Fashion (14)

Now I am a mother of girls. I’m happy that way. Happy in our pink, glittery universe. Except – when I went to the launch of Courage and Kind – a brilliant new brand in association with Disney.

Now, I had low expectations naturellement – I mean has anyone ever seen stylish licensed clothing??? Anyhow, I went to the launch to see their first two collections – one for Cinderella and one for Star Wars – and the Star Wars one in particular – blew me into style orbit. And then made me pine for a boy! Look….

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Turn Your Boy from MEH to YEH!

Darlings! This is PROBABLY the world’s most useful post.  Stylistically speaking. Watch this video and learn how to turn your boy from plain guy to SUPA-FLY! Danny Brown’s music video for his track ‘Grown Up’.

Trucker caps like the one worn in the video are SO HOT right now they burn burn baby! Get yours at River Island £8! BUT BUT BUT do not remove the silver sticker thingy on the peak. If you do – you loose the street cred of the cap. You have been warned….

Boys Fashion Accessories

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