We Rule for School Cool

So your kids have broken up. No school runs. No lunches to make. No morning rush. Yay! Or it it?

Instead – “Mum, I’m bored” “Mum – what can I do now” “Mum can you help me with making this super complex thing on my Rainbow Loom” “Mum – can you play Monopoly with me” “Mum I’m hungry” “Mum – can you switch the TV on, off, change channels, put a DVD on”…..AAAAAAAAARGH!

back-to-school-kids-accessories-new-term (4)

Roll on September I say. So here are THE things you need to give your kids some back to school cool when that J.O.Y.O.U.S. day comes round! Let’s go!

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So Cool for Back to School

If I had a penny for every back to school post/article/anything I have received – I’d have far more Chanel bags than I do. The kids haven’t even gone back – and already I’m SOOOO over the whole thing.

back to school

Or so I thought. You see, my fabulous blog pal in NYC Style Mama spotted these cool bags and I wanted to share them with my gorgeous Junkies.

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