NEW Oliver Bonas – Olly B Babywear

Hands up if you can’t walk past an Oliver Bonas without peeking inside? I definitely can’t. It’s totally brilliant for gifts and home and, well, lots actually – things you didn’t even know you needed! So what exciting news it is that they have just launched babywear! The collection is titled Olly B Babywear and draws inspiration from the colours and prints from their womenswear designs. Look here…


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New Kids Brand Alert – Carlota Barnabe

Today’s post is bitter-sweet. Sweet, because I have found a new brand that is super gorgeous. Bitter, because it is only for 0-6 year old kids – and mine are 9. But for you, I shall share, as it’s a great way to get what I call a Bonton look – one of my favourite French kids stores – but for less. Oh and for my lovely readers, even less, as below we have an exclusive 15% discount code. Let’s have a look…


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Liberty x Mamas & Papas

I think I have died and gone to baby style heaven. Yesterday I went to the launch of an exclusive collaboration between Liberty and Mamas & Papas for babies and kids aged up to 2 years. It’s bye bye contraceptives time again – the whole collection is worth the sickness, stitches, stretch marks and sleepless nights. Look…

Liberty Mamas and Papas Exclusive Collaboration Baby Toddler Fashion Nursery

It’s a match made in heaven. Liberty’s world famous prints and mamas & Papas innovative designs.

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Want Your Kids to Model?

I think a lot of us mums see our kids through rose tinted specs. My mum thought I was a beautiful baby. And I was, of course. She also thought my little sister was a beautiful baby. All I can say is when people came over to peek at her when she was out and about with my mother, they would more often than not say “Nice pram”…

Anyhoo – she grew into a beautiful young lady and got married way before me, so let’s not cry too hard for her. But I digress. Many mothers – well, most mothers, except probably me – definitely when my girls were tiny little ratty thingies – think their babies and kids are beautiful and think they will be the best thing to happen to kids modelling since…erm – whatever – they think they could be models.

gap casting call kids baby model competition

And in many many cases, oh dear they are wrong. But in a few cases, they are so so right. And for those mums, I have something fabulous for you! How about your kids being the star of the next Gap/Baby Gap marketing campaign? Now obviously I have told Gap, that if I write about this, my girls have to win – but let us pretend you have a chance – here are some details for you. (OK that is a joke before you get blah blah on me)

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Mamas&Papas x Fifi Lapin

Yay – it’s chuck the contraceptives time again people! Fifi Lapin – that achingly cute and stylish character with a bit of Parisian chic injected into her Bunny veins – has her very own capsule collection at Mamas and Papas. And let me tell you – it’s birthworthy. Look…

Fifi Lapin Mamas Papas Collaboration Kids Baby Fashion Style Nursery (5)

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