Individual+Kid = Indikidual

Oh I do so love a bit of kids clothes eye-candy. And Indikidual gives it to me in spades! You may remember them from my Bubble London post a few weeks ago.

Indikidual AW12 Kids Clothes
Great graphic face on this Long Sleeved Tee

Launched January this year by Syreeta Johnson – for kids aged 3 months to 7 years, it makes me feel a bit like one does after you’ve had kids. I’m not talking about empty sacks for boobs and broken ‘ladies parts’ – I mean that I can’t imagine what life was like before it/without it, and it’s like it’s been around forever.

Indikidual AW12 Kids Clothes
Cute and comfy

What I like about it – is that it’s what I term a holistic brand. Everything produced by it – whether a business card (hand personalised by their daughter to very cool effect) or their craft workshops in their local community – are singing from the same hymn sheet – in the TEMPLE OF STYLE  bien sur…

Indikidual AW12 Kids Clothes
Lovin' this boys look

It’s all about mixing and matching and layering it up. Oh and if you’re the hippy right-on type, it’s all organic cotton!

Indikidual AW12 Kids Clothes
Great super thin gilet for that extra bit of warmth and style...

And there’s MORE MORE MORE I’m fizzing with excitement beacause the lovely Syreeta is helping me feed your habit by giving away 2 of these long sleeved banana print tops (I had to control myself not to keep them….note how much I love you….)

Indikidual AW12 Kids Clothes
I'm bananas about this look - and the prize!

All you have to do to win, is LIKE my Facebook page if you haven’t already. Simplicity itself, that comes with the added bonus of even more fabulousness from moi! WIN WIN.

Indikidual AW12 Kids Clothes
This kid is dancing for joy for the winner...

To further inspire you to enter, check this video out to see their AW12 collection in action on a bunch of busy little bees…

A winner will be picked at random from my Facebook junkies on Tuesday 24th July at 12pm. You have until then to enter. Fingers crossed!

It’s time to POP!

Now ’tis birthing season it seems. Everywhere I look, I see preggy-bellies. Frankly – am not too keen to hang around these people in case I catch it….

Belle Enfant
I've done my time.......

But if I did, there would be one silver lining…….Belle Enfant.

Belle Enfant logo
Even their logo is class...

They too have just been born – launching only last month by Fleur Vidler and Henrietta Newman. They plan to bring chic into the world of sleepless nights and regurgitation. And they do in spades….

Claudie Blanket in Grey
Claudie Grey jumper

With muted tones, quality materials and timeless design – they are a breath of fresh air from all that LOGO LOGO LOGO UGH in the luxury end of the market. Prices start at £20 for a cashmere hat.

Metallic Angel Wings - also in silver

And for my lovely people – I have a special discount code for 10% off everything. So if you’re not pregnant – nor know anyone who is – I suggest you BIN THE CONTRACEPTIVES and get busy. I mean we all LOVE a discount no?

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Ooooooh Baby Love, My Baby Love..

I’m broody. It’s official.

Not for a baby – don’t be ridiculous! Just baby things. So let me satisfy my urge and go baby gear shopping with you….

Oh look at this mobile. Hilarious. The moustache is very in right now from a design perspective so be leading edge and get involved. Mobile €32 from Monjoli.

Moustache Mobile Red and Gold

Aaaaaaaaaaaw, look at these eeeny iiiiny high tops from H&M £7.99.


Feelin’ this long sleeve tee from H&M £4.99. I particularly like the fact that the press studs are concealed.

Long sleeve tee

Check these Roly Poly sweat pants from No Added Sugar £32. They are a larf!

Roly Poly Navy Sweatpants

I simply LOVE playsuits on baby girls. I do think that until they are toddlers, dresses look – how can I put it diplomatically – RUBBISH! This one is from Gap Kids £12.95.

Flower Bow Bubble Playsuit

This Miller tunic top is delish. I have in fact bought the playsuit for my girls. Love the print. Little Fashion Gallery £37. Wear with incy wincy leggings.

Miller Paisley Top

And because we live in England where it’s summer in winter and winter in summer – you may need this divine denim jacket! Also from Gap Kids £17.95.

Favourite Denim Jacket

And finally – my heart swelled this Fluoro Star garland by Atsuyo et Aikio from Elias & Grace. It’s 3m long and is bound to brighten up any baby girl’s nursery. £26. Divine.

Fluoro Star Garland

I don’t know about you, I’m sold on baby things now. Time to go home, turn down the lights, put some sweet music on and get busy……….phoning up my friends and telling them to have another baby….