NEW JEM + BEA Luxury Mama Clutch and Baba Pouch

Unless you have been living in a rock, or else simply a very unstylish life, you will have heard of JEM + BEA. These gals create beautiful luxury handbags that double as functional changing bags (and the other way round too!) for the stylish Mama on the go.

The brand comes from a good pedigree, with the designer having worked at Mulberry, Burberry, and Anya Hindmarch. You can tell from looking at their collection that JEM + BEA has earned its fashion chops!  Amongst their brilliant new A/W collection is the MAMA clutch and the BABA pouch.


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My oldest friend had a baby yesterday. Her first. A boy.

So here I am, doing the job I do, with access to all the images and products I have, and I am BAFFLED as to what to get her. A) Because she means a lot to me and so will the baby (once past the crying all the time stage – maybe nearer toddler age then – but that’s by the by) and B) doing the job I do, with access to all the images and products I have, it is expected to be something good, something cool and something different. So this is what I am getting her.


Fave brand of the blog Noodoll have teamed up with another fave brand of the blog Petites Pattes, to launch a new exclusive gift set especially for babies from newborn to one year old. We shall call it A Box of Excruciating Womb-aching Cuteness. Petites Pattes make colourful and unique baby socks in a range of cool designs. Petite Pattes means ‘small paws’ in case, like me, you were wondering.

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New Kids Brand Alert – Carlota Barnabe

Today’s post is bitter-sweet. Sweet, because I have found a new brand that is super gorgeous. Bitter, because it is only for 0-6 year old kids – and mine are 9. But for you, I shall share, as it’s a great way to get what I call a Bonton look – one of my favourite French kids stores – but for less. Oh and for my lovely readers, even less, as below we have an exclusive 15% discount code. Let’s have a look…


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New Jeremy Scott X Cybex Collaboration

Jeremy Scott must be broody or something. He’s launched his second collaboration with CYBEX, and it is EVEN more amazing than this first.


For those of you who are not fashionistas – Jeremy Scott is a fashion designer – for his own label, as well as Moschino plus many other great fashion collaborations – including Adidas, with wings. His style is wacky, whimsical and wild, and has amassed a big following amongst the young, beautiful and famous – like Rihanna and Katy Perry – as well as the formerly young, beautiful and famous – like Madonna. OK, so still famous but you get the gist…So let us look..

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Baby Bites – Baby and Kids Sleeping Bags

It’s Easter this weekend yay! A time of celebration of Spring and cute little baby animals. And chocolate. Now anyone that knows me, knows I’m not really an animal, or a baby person. I guess I just cannot hanker after something that I have to clear up their pooh. Not. For. Me. My womb is closed for business. Though every so often, a product comes along that quite literally makes my womb ache. I feel almost broody. Almost.

When I went to the Trade Show Playtime Paris – I saw these baby sleeping bags and I was just about ready to remove my own coil. These are literally cryably cute. Meet Baby Bites.


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