Bubble Baby Bed

If there has EVER been a good reason to throw the contraceptives and mount your husband it’s this.
Ta daaaaaaaa! The Bubble Baby Bed. And breathe. Have you literally EVER seen anything so gorgeous? 
The Bubble Baby Bed is an innovative transparent rocking crib designed by Lana Agiyan. The idea came from plastic baby bassinets that are used in Hospitals: made from acrylic plastic they are safe, easy to care, hygienic and very appealingly transparent. The crib is being produced in Finland by the same company that makes Eero Aarnio 1960’s original classic the Bubble Chair. You can probably see the likeness.

It has the movement kinetics resembling tilting dolls: once pushed, it returns to the upright position in series of slowing tilts. When the baby moves his hands and feet in the bed, the crib gently rocks on it’s own, putting the child back to sleep. The crib has a stopper ring that makes overturning impossible.

The bed is safe for babies from birth up to six months, and can be converted into a playpen afterwards.
The crib won a Well-Tech technology innovation award in 2013. More importantly, they also win an award from me titled – “The only thing I have come across in 9 years since having my own babies, that has made me want to have more”! It is available in a few colours and costs €2,990. Not cheap I know – but come on! Those stretch marks are SO deserving of it!! Get baby busy at Bubble Baby Bed.

Moba® Moses Baskets – O.M.G. B.Y.E. P.I.L.L.

Nothing and I mean NOTHING makes me broody. I don’t look at pregnant bellies and think oooooooh I think ugh. Sorry, but me and Mother Nature – not really friends. Until now…. Look at these Moses baskets by Moba® .

One half of the rainbow of colours..

I feel a bit sick with jealousy. Like, why didn’t I come up with these? Such a simple idea and a great solution to an otherwise rather unstylish situation. Designed and made in the UK, they combine contemporary, ergonomic design with practicality. And are available in a rainbow of colours. Bye bye bland brown!

And the other half..

Not only that people – it’s eco-friendly, hygienic, fully ventilated and super light to carry. And importantly, it is tough, safe and will last from generation to generation. Just like those revolting wicker baskety numbers I had to have with my girls. *wipes a tear*

These will be available by the end of the summer RRP £89.99 including mattress and liner. So, by my calculations, if you jump him tonight by the time you’ve birthed, they will be launched. And VOILA!