Keepy Your Kids Artwork

Every child’s artwork is a masterpiece for any parent, and it deserves a spot on the refrigerator door. However, if they like mine – they create their erm..masterpieces on a daily basis, storing them could be a huge problem.

Enter Offir Gutelzon and his team, who have developed a digital way of storing these works of art and sharing them online. May I introduce you to your NBF – Keepy.

Keepy Kids Art Sharing App iOS Devices (2)

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D is for Damien Hirst

I’m an art lover – but not a buyer. Too expensive. Rather buy clothes. Until now. Damien Hirst has created a children’s book – a beautifully illustrated ABC board book.

In an interview about the book with The Guardian he describes the book. “It is an alphabet book for kids. Each letter is represented by an artwork, or an element of a piece, from my earliest works to my latest series. I is for Insect shows a detail of one of my recent Entomology Paintings: thousands of bugs arranged in kaleidoscopic patterns. The book also relates to my interest in typography: A is for Albertus, B is for Baskerville etc.” Let’s look inside….

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Playmobil Gets Arty

I do love Playmobil. Around since the ’70’s (WELL before my time of course) and still SO popular today. Except with me when I have to put all the teeny tiny incy wincy pieces together for my kids to play with. But I digress…

Playmobil Richard Unglik Exhibition Bobo Kids

Filmmaker and photographer Richard Unglik has brought Playmobil to life in the form of some of our best known and loved global icons. Look here…

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