Top 10 Purrrrrfect Cat Fashion Pieces for Kids for AW16

Did anyone else let our a giant WHOOP of yesterday (once the kisses and assurances that everything was going to be OK) on your kids’ first day back at school? I’ll start. ME!  Now don’t get me wrong. I do adore my kids. Just in ever so slightly smaller doses than you get from 24/7 for 8 weeks on the trot. Like THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (insert giant hand width) MUCH!

Now, as well as back to school heralding the end of summer – it also means the start of winter. Not in the literal sense, but most certainly in the wardrobe sense. And as always at KSJ HQ, we like our readers to be on top on trends. So over the coming weeks, we shall be paying attention to our fave AW16 trends and how to get the look for them kids. Today – it’s purrrrrrrrrrfecty obviously, about cats. My favourite type of cat. One that is not a living actual creature. So, to the CATwalks we go…


First up Gucci. My complete obsession and unrequited love – largely due to my epic fail of not having married a billionaire. Next we have Loewe – which I was told, in a very passive-agressive way some years ago by a complete bit£% i used to work with at a designer fashion brand, is pronounced Low-aire-vey. Whatevs – they too had cats!


So here is how it works for kids.

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Top 5 Kids Ski Jackets

It’s almost that time of year where we pretend to be sporty types. We make a big hoo ha about taking the family skiing – oh it’s so good for them, fresh air, exercise blah blah – when really, it’s all about chocolate, rosti and copious amounts of gluwhein. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, you need to get your kids looking the part on the slopes – and the best way to do this, is from the outside in. It’s so cold – those jackets are not coming off – so let’s get some ski style on with my Top 5.

top-5-kids-ski-jackets-half term holiday style

First up – oh I know it’s not cheap, but boy is it stylish. And how cute that your kid will ski in this and look like either (a) an old-fashioned barbers sign or (b) a stick of rock. LOVE. Red Super Mojo Ski Jacket by Perfect Moment £270 alexandalexa. Also available in light blue stripe.

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I’m a Barbie Girl.. a Barbie Worrrrrrrrrlllld blah blah blah plastic, it’s fantastic. OK OK – I don’t want to show you up with my fabulous singing. But I need to share something new with you. A Moschino Barbie!

Jeremy Scott Moschino SS15 Mattel Barbie Kids Fashion Accessories (10)

Oh I am just such a tease! This one’s very annoyingly not for sale! Genius head designer for Moschino Jeremy Scott took inspiration from Barbie no less, for his SS15 show. All those lucky enough to go to the show was given one of the Barbie dolls on their chairs. What a WASTE when there’s a set of identical twin girls aged almost 8 out there…

Anyhow! Here are what the real-life dolls looked like on the catwalk…

Jeremy Scott Moschino SS15 Mattel Barbie Kids Fashion Accessories (2)

Now – the show was a veritable explosion of Bubblegum pink – being Babs’ signature colour. The collection is available to buy now on NET-A-PORTER. But, for your little girls, I bring you my top Bubblegum pink pieces so they can launch into SS15 in true Barbie style! Let’s go…

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Dress to Party

It’s Prince George’s second Christmas. After his official portrait on the weekend – I think we have a good idea of what his Party Season dressing will be like. _79710177_princegeorge2

Now whilst Prince George is most certainly a cute chap, the Duchess will be ever so gutted this post came out AFTER the pictures, as her little Prince could have rocked a whole different look had she have seen it before. So, without further comment (for fear of committing treason) and without further ado, I bring you my TOP party looks for this Festive season. Let’s go.

Top Kids Xmas Christmas Party Looks Dresses Blazers ilovegorgeous alexandalexa melijoe JCrew Mothercare NoAddedSugar (1)

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Top 10 Gifts under £10 for the Under 10’s – Xmas

It’s that time of year again. A time of GIVING and RECEIVING.

GIVING lots of food to your bellies – RECEIVING plenty of cellulite and bad moods as a result for the new year. GIVING gifts to your kids – RECEIVING back the gift, so they can play instead with the wrapping or the box it came in. GIVING a very thoughtful gift to your mother in law – RECEIVING a pair of Xmas socks (again) in return.

Oh yes people – it’s Christmas!

Top Ten Xmas Christmas Gifts for Kids Under 10 Years Smallable Easy notonthehighstreet (1)

So we thought we would give something to your wallet – a little break – with our Top 10 Gifts under £10 for the under 10’s. Let’s get busy…

1. First up, give your kids the gift that keeps on giving. Cred. Love this cardboard retro Beat Box Speaker. £10 River Island.

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