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I’m in love. Now before you’re all sick with jealousy – not with my HUSBAND – he’s *rotates hand in a comme ci comme ça way*. And no – I’m not having an affair. People, I’m in love with a website. Called Carousel. Look look look…

Carousel Store Screen Shot
Bye bye pink and blue party TUT!

The site owned by Charlotte Saye was born out of a need to find stylish yet affordable party pieces and gifts, after having son Fynn. With design-led decorations, tableware and themed party kits a plenty – it’s a prerequisite for a SENSATIONAL event!

AND AND AND today she is sharing a post she has written about how to make these gorgeous Sweetie Pops that look so smart and are super simple to do. I hand you over to Charlotte.

Marshmallow Pops

We love a simple and fun party nibble and this one is especially yummy.


  •  Straws £3 Carousel
  •  Smarties £1 Tesco
  •  Dark chocolate £1.50 Tesco
  •  Marshmallows 89p Tesco

1. Start by choosing some pretty paper straws that coordinate with all your party tableware and decorations – the ones above are perfect for any Pirates out there.

2. Push a marshmallow onto the end of each straw.

3. Break up the dark chocolate bar and melt them in a bowl over gently simmering water.

4. Spoon a small amount of warmed chocolate onto the end of each marshmallow and pop a Smartie onto the end. I would suggest keeping it upright for a little while to set.

So there you go guys. Remember – to leave some for the kids now….


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  1. Emily (@amummytoo)

    These look fabulous – so chic! I’ve got some stripy straws in the cupboard so will give these a go.

    Would love you to link this post up to #recipeoftheweek if you fancy it x

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