Clean Sweet Fun. No Calories.

You can look. You can drool. You can handle. But you can’t gain weight from them. Because… can’t eat them. People – these are good clean yum. Quite literally. Soaps.

Kids Bathtime Fun (1)

Have you E.V.E.R. seen anything SO inspired?! Lush – PAH *bursts into fits of laughter* Move on people! To the lip smackingly fab Love Lee Soaps. Sprinkle Donut soaps $6 Love Lee Soaps.

Kids Bathtime Fun (3)

Red Liquorice soap set $6 Love Lee Soaps. Got yourselves one of those foul kids that hates bath-time? Sell them – and with some of the proceeds buy these for your other kids.

Kids Bathtime Fun (4)

Chocolate Cherry Pudding soap $6 Love Lee Soaps *dribble* *wasted*

Kids Bathtime Fun (5)

Candy Fruit Slice soap set $6 Love Lee Soaps.

Kids Bathtime Fun (6)

Oh Lordy….soft, fluffy, whipped soap..$6 Love Lee Soaps.

Kids Bathtime Fun (1)

Creme Filled Cookie soaps $6 Love Lee Soaps. Oh yesssssssssss!

Now before we finish *serious legal disclaimer voice* we, at Kid Style Junkie take no responsibility for piggy kids that can’t resist a lick….

Thank you to yum yum genius Bakerella for sharing these zero calorie yummies.


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