Sublime Slime Time

Who wants to get the kids busy over Half term? Hows about making something that will not only keep them busy whilst they assist you making it, but also for hours and hours and hours later? Sound like a plan? Check this.

Oooooooooooh lovely!

Our clever friends over at Our Best Bites have devised a recipe for SLIME. Now I don’t know about you, but when my husband’s annoying me I love squelching balls of slime through my fingers with gritted teeth – it somehow calms me….

So let’s have a quick look at what we need and then I shall pack you off to our Our Best Bites to show you how to get from A to B to Glee!

Sooooo satisfying......

You need:

1 teaspoon borax powder – available from Amazon
12oz of water, divided into one cup of 8oz water and the other of 4oz water
4 oz  Elmer’s glue (or any School glue), clear or white also from Amazon
Food Coloring – any supermarket


Oh yessssssss...
So people, visit Our Best Bites for full, step by step method – it’s super simple! A bit of mixing, dissolving, stirring, kneading, going green and squelching. Bit like your cooking then….


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