Stylish ‘House Pig’ by Cybex and Marcel Wanders for Kids

Cybex has previously focussed primarily on beautifully designed car seats and prams often found being pushed around by a long list of celebs, and although very fashion friendly with their brilliant designer collaborations, they are strictly for use outside the home. So how happy was I, when Cybex founder Martin Pos partnered up with interior designer Marcel Wanders and to bring us a new line of interior delights that I would proudly display in my very own castle.  Including their first release – ‘Hausschwein’ or, as us Brits would call it a ‘House Pig’.


The House Pig totes a soft quilted back that is perfect for young children to clamber all over, they could use its tactile ears as reigns or pull on its little tail. Your child’s imagination can run truly amuck and when it’s time to clean up, you can neatly pack away the rest of their toys within its hollow belly. Stylish and functional!


Pos and Wanders have made it very clear that their line of interiors is both for the parent and the child, insisting that parents shouldn’t have to give up their good taste in favour of colourful plastic delights. I thoroughly agree with this statement but it doesn’t mean it’s an easy one to follow, To all those parents who have managed to keep their home free of plastic kids tut, I salute you!

The House Pig is priced at £200 pounds and will be available to buy later this month with the rest of the collection dropping in early 2017.  I will be keeping an eye out for the second drop – as if the Hausschwein is anything to go by, it will be extraordinary!  

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  1. Simi

    Yes,’I absolutely love the Hausschwein, and the upcoming other interior collections including the high chair and rocker are so stunning! Especially if you’re into designer pieces and minimalist children’s interiors

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