Style Spotter Toy Shelf/Shelf Toy!

Oh I do love a bit of Windows shopping (online shopping..see what I did there?). And never more so, than when I spot something fabulous for kids. This does not disappoint! Is it a TOY? Is it a SHELF?

PinPres-Shelving Style SpotterIt’s BOTH! PinPres is a hybrid of a toy and shelf. It has wooden rods that slide in and out to form whatever you put on it.

PinPres-Shelving Style Spotter

What a way for your kid to quite literally make a GREAT impression! It’s based on those incredibly moreish pin-press needle impression toys, that you stick various appendages into and get an impression?

PinPres-Shelving Style Spotter

Not only is it a toy. Oh no Siree, this is also a fully working tidy up motivator! Toys can simply be pushed into the surface, and the shelf will adapt to their form. Simples!

PinPres-Shelving Style Spotter

Available in natural or coloured wood  From €700 Pin Pres. Whether it’s a toy, or a shelf – it’s simply SUPERBRILL!


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