May the Fifth Be With You

Happy May the 5th. The Tuesday that feels like a Monday, that is so depressing after a lovely, long weekend. However – I’m here to cheer you up! Star Wars fever is building! The new trailer is out. It’s…well, I suppose super exciting to those people who love Star Wars. But whatever. What I’m super excited about, is that as of yesterday – May 4th, Star Wars Day – the amazing – and let me tell you when I say amazing – I MEAN it – Courage and Kind Star Wars collection launched in Harrods.

Star Wars Harrods Disney Kids Fashion (14)

Now I am a mother of girls. I’m happy that way. Happy in our pink, glittery universe. Except – when I went to the launch of Courage and Kind – a brilliant new brand in association with Disney.

Now, I had low expectations naturellement – I mean has anyone ever seen stylish licensed clothing??? Anyhow, I went to the launch to see their first two collections – one for Cinderella and one for Star Wars – and the Star Wars one in particular – blew me into style orbit. And then made me pine for a boy! Look….

Star Wars Harrods Disney Kids Fashion (3)

Not only are the designs brilliant and the quality top top – what got me, were the G.E.N.I.U.S. unexpected details. Look closely at the bottom right corner of the above T-shirt. The label that reads “Join The Jedi Side” cleverly folds to say “Join The Dark Side”.

Star Wars Harrods Disney Kids Fashion (8)

The jeans, shorts and chinos have a hook for your Lightsaber. How fun is that?

Star Wars Harrods Disney Kids Fashion (10)

What from afar looks like a Tropical print T-shirt – up close is something entirely different….Storm Troopers…

Star Wars Harrods Disney Kids Fashion (5)

Camo cargo shorts – not! Look who’s on there…

Star Wars Harrods Disney Kids Fashion (6)

A battle scene with Yoda it is (oh I really like how this little guy speaks!).

Star Wars Harrods Disney Kids Fashion (7)

Great vintage wash jeans, great saying! I could drone on and on for hours about this. As Yoda says “Do. Or do not. There is no try”. Or as I say, Get Busy!

Available at Harrods and soon Courage and Kind. Prices from around £25.

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