Be Bright About Pastel

We like our kids to look the part. And, to be cool. Pastels are big big big news this Spring/Summer.

SS15 Catwalk Kids Fashion Pastel Micro Scooter (2)

Now whilst we don’t want our kids walking around dressed in it top to toe like cotton candy – a nod or two to the trend, would snag them some cred. And as kids style pushers – we would like to give them a helping hand. Here are our Top 3 picks:

1. Blue dip dye T-shirt dress £16.95 Gap.

ss15-catwalk-kids-fashion-pastel-micro-scooter (6)

2. Pale yellow T-shirt by Zadig and Voltaire £32.40 from Smallable

ss15-catwalk-kids-fashion-pastel-micro-scooter (1)

3. And for a beachy keen look – howz about this pastel floral delight by ilovegorgeous – Isis bikini in aqua £45.

ss15-catwalk-kids-fashion-pastel-micro-scooter (3)

And for bonus points – older kids can show these pieces off by riding around on this brilliant new pastel Micro Scooter! Micro Mint from £119.95 Micro Scooters.

ss15-catwalk-kids-fashion-pastel-micro-scooter (7)


A great look for boys and girls. All we need now, is some blooming sun! Get busy…

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