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When my kids were in nursery aged 2, we were sent home with a reading book. For them to read. My husband and I thought it was ridiculous and pushy and didn’t bother.

Don’t get me wrong, I was huge into reading to them – from the age of 6 months. And they always loved it. It was the only time – apart from sleeping, when they were quiet and sat still. But they were 2. 2! Why on earth did we need to start pushing them to read by themselves at that age???

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Boy did I live to regret that. Maybe it was just me, but I really had no idea quite how important it was for my kids to get reading by themselves – and the sooner, the better. Their whole world – both educational and imaginative – opens up to them once they can read.

A couple of weeks ago – we were invited to a chi-chi little number at the beautiful Ralph Lauren store in Bond Street hosted by Tamara Beckwith Veroni which was all about promoting reading for kids. You see Ralph Lauren has launched a Childrens Literacy Program to promote literacy in association with the charity Book Trust.

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Book Trust is a charity established in 1921 to promote books, reading and writing across all demographics. 38 million books have been given to get young kids reading since 1992 though one of their initiatives Book Start alone.

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The event teamed up with Matilda The Musical with a special reading to the children by Mrs Phelps !

Ralph Lauren have designed a limited edition runway sketch tee featuring a new Global Literacy Pony design. 25% of the net purchase price (£30) of any of the tees from this capsule collection will go to the Book Trust.

ralph-lauren-childrens-literacy-campaign-tamara-beckwith-mathilda (1)

Come on people – shop the collection today and not only will you have stylish kids – you’ll be helping a very very good cause. As Ralph Lauren says – Books open windows to the world and have the power to transform lives. Get busy…

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