Protect Your Kids Eyes with Proper Sunglasses this Summer

Now, I know it is hard to believe, but summer is almost upon us. And whether you are jetting off to sunnier climes (ha -not that anywhere in the world is less sunny) or having a staycation – it’s not only your kids delicate skin that needs proper protection from the harmful rays of the sun – but also, and very importantly, their eyes. Here’s a fact for you that’s a little bit shocking actually – 80% of a person’s lifetime UV exposure happens before the age of 18. This kind of freaked me out.

I chatted to the opticians at Smartbuyglasses Optical to get their tips on how to protect kids eyes properly. “The best way to protect your kids’ eyes is to buy (and always wear) sunglasses with 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays. Many brands, both expensive and inexpensive offer this protection – there’s a lot of choice. But the key, is to make sure to check the label. Sunglasses, just like sunscreen, come with different sun protection factors. In order to provide our eyes the best protection, we must first understand how our sunglasses protect us.”

“UV protection categories range from 0-4, with 0 offering no protection and 4 offering the best protection available. In Europe, lenses with the certification ‘CE’ have passed EU regulation and are deemed fit for use in most conditions. When picking your sunglasses, you should always take these labels into consideration and keep your kids’ eyes protected whenever the sun is shining.”

So as a kindness for such helpful information, I promised them I would choose my Top 5 sunglasses. So here we are with our Top 5 kids sunglasses to protect their peepers in style.


First up are these brilliant ones by Stella McCartney red/blue Falabella Flattop £79.95



I love these Tommy Hilfiger acetate aviators £50.95.


These Sinner aviators are rather posh – but only in shape – not in price. Also £20.95.


No post would be complete without a bit of Ray-Ban Junior action. These Clubmaster are so retro and so so needed £53.95.



And last but not least if your kids like to rock a monochrome look – how about these Polaroid numbers for £20.95.

So there you go. Protect their eyes and protect their style. Get busy.

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