Professor Scrubbington’s- Scrubbing Kids Clean

Kids are wonderful. But can also be gross. They roll in the mud, rarely wash their hands, their fingers explore unknown and frankly who-wants-to-know parts of their bodies, and, they sweat – boys especially – a lot. Forget SCREEN TIME  – we are talking about CLEAN TIME. These kids need to keep CLEAN. And today, we give them and you a wonderful incentive to do just that!


Professor Scrubbington’s Emporium of Clean is an exciting new brand dedicated to creating children’s bathtime products with added fun, whilst using natural ingredients with no added nasties like parabens.


Now as we all know, from our own childhoods, foam is fabulous fun – and this is a mantra that Professor Scrubbington’s lives by, as that is the consistency of all their wet products. That, and a gorgeous, fresh fragrance. The usual suspects are there: shampoo and conditioner, but there is also a hand wash, a face wash and deodorant.


The products’ design feels more grown up than many of the other kids bath products available. And again, as we all know, as a kid, all you want to do is be like a grown up. So these play well into that. And the foam thing – well, they are still kids eh?


Professor Scrubbington’s have aptly observed that most shower gels on the market just slip between your fingertips and are lost down the plug hole in seconds. They have come up with a special foam formula that keeps the bubbly soap on your hands for the duration of the wash. Now this is something I can get behind as I am constantly running out of shower gel. So as you can see, the products are not only good for the skin but also for your pocket! And at £5 a piece – you know you need these!


You can buy the full range here! AND AND AND, talking about your pocket, the lovely people at Professor Scrubbingtons are offering our gorgeous readers a special 20% off ALL products.  Just enter the code KSJ20 when you are checking out! Offer expires midnight 12th September 2016.

So for summer or back to school, get those grubby kids scrubby today!

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  1. Simon

    Wow – just what I’m looking for for my 8 year old to get him washing by himself and reduce the tantrums of hair washing! Can’t wait to try it.

    • Suki P

      Fab, thank you – he will love it. My kids are genuinely obsessed by it. And anything that encourages them to keep clean is good with me!! x

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