Petit Tresors – Girls French Personalised Jewellery

My dad is a jeweller. I grew up around diamonds, rubies and emeralds. I know about the best cut, clarity – the lot. But the truth is, I wear nothing. It guts my dad. But I am just not into jewellery. Less, is more.

My girls, on the other hand are veritable Pat Butchers’. The more, the merrier – the more garish, the better. Oh they do love a free piece of jewellery tut that adorns magazines like Cute Fluffy Pet Weekly or Teenage Bitch from Hell – or whatever they read these days. Now this guts me. So trashy. Ugh.

So when they were offered a bracelet for their birthday I was worried. Very worried. Until I saw this brand.


Petit Trésors (French bien-sur) is a jewellery line specifically designed for babies and kids. They also personalise your gifts and this worked very well for me, as this way, I know who’s bracelet is who’s. And even better, which twin is which.


There are a number of styles, like Liberty print, leather or chain straps. I can’t say no to anything Liberty, but my kids, it seems, can – and chose the leather ones. Maybe they felt they were more big-girlish. Or maybe it was the gold-plated thread running through the leather that caught their eye?


Fully customisable in terms of colours and charms as well as the names they are engraved with, and made using real silver and gold-plating – this was the kind of jewellery I would want my girls to wear.


With prices from £29 they make a great gift – as well as taking up wrist-space, therefore saving the kids’ wrist from the ugliness of tut. Win win. Get involved at Petit Trésors!

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