Norman No Mates

Marketing is an amazing thing. We are surrounded by it. We ingest it though every orifice every minute of every day. Yet sometimes, I really like what it does. Meet Norman…

Some of you may have been lucky enough – like me – to see ParaNorman at the flicks. It was G.E.N.I.U.S. It’s about a misunderstood boy who can speak with the dead, takes on ghosts, zombies and grown-ups to save his community from a centuries-old curse. Take a peek..

The marketing machine behind the movie at Universal Pictures got thinking – we ALL have local legends, landmarks and people that are fascinating and unique to our community. With the help of Norman and his out-of-the-ordinary tale – ParaNorman Local Legends – a schools and libraries initiative, was born. It will brilliantly encourage children to explore themes such as community, local history, legends, creative writing, research, individuality and much more.

The ParaNorman Local Legends Schools and Libraries Initiative

In conjunction with educational experts, Universal Pictures have designed complete lesson plans for Year 5 & 6 teachers and legendary event packs for libraries, giving them a unique opportunity to inspire children to take a closer look at their local landmarks and community. Search and ye shall find, and all that jazz…

The ParaNorman Local Legends Schools and Libraries Initiative

Every school and library participating will also have the chance to win some extraordinarily good prizes. If you think this is something your kids should get busy with, please mention it to their teacher and Universal will sort them out!

The ParaNorman Local Legends Schools and Libraries Initiative

ParaNorman is out on DVD and Blue Ray on January 28th 2013.  Now you probably already know that my subscribers are my top fluffy pets. Had you been a subscriber you could have won one of these DVD’s or one of 5 amazing gift-packs from Universal. Boo hoo for you if you’re not. For lots of extras like this please get busy and SUBSCRIBE. Mmmmmmmwah!

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