My oldest friend had a baby yesterday. Her first. A boy.

So here I am, doing the job I do, with access to all the images and products I have, and I am BAFFLED as to what to get her. A) Because she means a lot to me and so will the baby (once past the crying all the time stage – maybe nearer toddler age then – but that’s by the by) and B) doing the job I do, with access to all the images and products I have, it is expected to be something good, something cool and something different. So this is what I am getting her.


Fave brand of the blog Noodoll have teamed up with another fave brand of the blog Petites Pattes, to launch a new exclusive gift set especially for babies from newborn to one year old. We shall call it A Box of Excruciating Womb-aching Cuteness. Petites Pattes make colourful and unique baby socks in a range of cool designs. Petite Pattes means ‘small paws’ in case, like me, you were wondering.


Noodoll have hand selected their 4 fave sets of Petites Pattes and brought them together in a gift set with a complimentary selection of Noodoll toys and cards. With 4 options for each, the customer can select their favourite combination of toy, card and sock set, to create the perfect, bespoke gift for newborns up to 1 year olds.


And, even better – especially if you are extra lazy/busy/not in the country – they can send the gift directly to the recipient with a hand written card and customised name tag – all from only £34! So this, is of course what I shall be sending to my pal and her son, so he can look stylish in what he wears and plays with, whilst screaming the house down and keeping her up all night long. Job done.

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