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Do you remember that feeling of pride you used to have as a kid when you were all dressed up in your favourite clothes? It’s upon that premise that new Dutch brand crush of mine My Little Dress Up was created.

My Little Dress Up Kids Fashion (1)

Anything rose gold is my super best friend. So I am all over this skirt. Rose high waisted metallic skirt in whisper pink €159. Worn with the fabulous Clemence Blouse €129.

My Little Dress Up Kids Fashion (2)

How slick is this little dude? Oliver Jacket €179. Silk Bow Tie €39.


Kitty hairband €49. Oh yes please.

The problem with my job – is that I only ever write about what I like and would buy myself. So as I write – often I shop. It’s a budgetary disaster! And this is no exception. Save up and get busy at My Little Dress Up. After all – like fruit – we all need a bit of daily couture…



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  1. Linda

    Yes, I do remember when we had to dress up for an occassion. It feels really good to choose those special clothes and then be admired by everyone.

    • Suki P

      Those days do sadly seem to have disappeared ;o(

  2. Cute Summer Dresses for Toddlers 2T

    I have 3 little girls; and they are each fashionistas. I’ve got a knack for finding incredible values on cute AND durable summer dresses for girls. The brands I buy wash and wear well. I’ve been able to pass them down in prestine condition.

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