Sing me a lullaby

For those of us who are tone deaf… singing sweet lullabies to our newborns is not a pretty sound! That’s where the music box comes’s perfect for playing them a night night tune to fall asleep to that’s bearable to listen to. Here are my faves depending on your music taste:

1. If you are a fan of Bob Dylan, Louis Armstrong and Simon And Garfunkel then this retro cushion by Les Petit Vintage €40 is just your thing. Charming designs and all hand-made.

les petit vintage

2. For the more classical amongst us.. how about a chorus of Brahms. Loving these new season fruity music boxes from Anne Claire Petit. Launching soon in the UK.

apple music boxes

3. For pop fans, this is your box. You can choose your favourite song from a list of about 15 tunes which includes music from the likes of Adele and Michael Jackson. They have even managed to make a lullaby tune from Get Lucky by Daft Punk!! All hand-made in Paris with a range of different models: bows, clouds, stars and even a moustache! My favourite is Nauge Tiny €45.


4. Last but not even vaguely least is this Musical Rabbit Liberty print one £50 Bonpoint. Like a show tune? This one is for you! Playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Available in a variety of colours – this is a great gift – in fact any gift that lulls a baby to sleep is a gift that keeps on giving as far as I am concerned!
And here I am, swelling the ranks of “”. My life has stopped. I slept with this thought (or rather fact) and decided that it wasn’t a big deal. I believed I just had to rest for a few days, go fishing with my friends, and everything will come back to normal.

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Check them out. Just don’t sue us if you find yourself humming these songs all day!

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