Stylish Top 5 Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Now I know there is a growing movement about women choosing not to be a mother. There are benefits to not being a mother. Let’s explore a few..

Sleep. Blissful, uninterrupted sleep. Not needing to wipe any bottom – except your own. Your hands – soft – not rough and aged from washing them after touching aforementioned bottoms or grimy kids hands. No one walking in whilst you grab 5 seconds to actually go to the loo screaming “Mummmaaaaay Roxie hitttttt meeeeeeeeee”. Your car, clean – smells fresh – not full of crumbs, vomit or smeary finger-marks. Your jeans, without knee-holes from bending down to pick up someone elses mess. Your tops – embellished with sequins – not drops of baby vomit or smeared toddler food. Your hair – blow dried to within an inch if it’s life – not one hair out of place – and not pulled or so greasy you could cook chips in it. The food you cook, remains on a plate – not liberally littered around the kitchen, getting into places you didn’t even know existed. Your cutlery, gets used – you never have to witness the grossness of eating rice with fingers.  Your cloakroom, has coats hanging in it – as opposed to strewn all over the floor after a day of school. Your Sky Box not full to capacity with CBeebies, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network horrors. Your treat cupboard. What treat cupboard – who can have treats around and keep THIS body looking THIS good? Oh about THE body – no stretch marks, no empty pouches for breasts, no cuts, no stitches, no flapping, overstretched lady-bits. Yes, there are many, many benefits.

BUT, and this is a GIANT BUT – the cuddles, the love, the innocence, the cute things they say, the way they look adoringly at you (unless you have told them off) and much more more MORE – I’m pleased I choose motherhood. Well, either way, I’m knee-deep in it now….

Seriously though – I wouldn’t change it for the world. So to that end Mammas, let us be celebrated on our one day this year – Mother’s Day. And here’s what I propose you deserve.

mothers day stylish gift ideas fashion

Summer is sort of coming. This is a brilliant jealous-making monogrammed beach bag. £195 Rae Feather. They also have mini ones for kids – in case you want to share the – Mothers Day love.

mothers day stylish gift ideas fashion


This necklace is an aspirational MUST by Diane Kordas from Net a Porter £1,455. The beat is a great representation of the ups and downs of our daily life!

mothers day stylish gift ideas fashion

Jadis bouquet from McQueens. White. Elegant. Earned. From £55.

mothers day stylish gift ideas fashion

Howz abouts a new perfume by the super talented British nose Lyn Harris from her new store Perfumer H. Each hand-blown coloured glass vessel is topped with a clear glass stopper and is engraved in gold with the Perfumer H monogram (you can also bottles personalised with your initials). Prices from £195. And for £15,000 you can even get Lyn to create your own bespoke fragrance. OK, maybe not – but I’m liking the idea of Eau de SukiP.

mothers day stylish gift ideas fashion

Last but not least – how about a trip to London’s only Dessert Only restaurant? Opening on March 3rd (in the nick of time if you ask me) at Cafe Royal for evenings only. Under the Executive pastry chef Sarah Barber this will be feast for the imagination and the body. Example treats include  ‘Alice in Wonderland’-inspired desserts, like the ‘Queen of Hearts’, comprising raspberries, champagne and roses; and ‘Eat Me, Drink Me’, using a Snickers and a chocolate malt shake. Or what about a three-course ‘Childhood Memories’ menu made up of Barber’s take on old school faves, like ‘Rhubarb & Custard’ and ‘Jaffa Cakes’. I’m in. And I’m STUFFING!

So there you go – you shall start your day with flowers and end it stuffing your gob. You so deserve this Mamma. Happy Mothers Day!

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