Breast in Show

I was slightly worried about being invited to a feeding system launch by Mothercare.

The first thing I asked was – will there be live breast pump demonstrations? OK OK I admit it – the only pump I like, is on my FOOT. Thankfully, there were no breasts in sight. But there was a fantastic, complete line of 31 products that will deliver food to the fruit of our loins in the first year of their little lives – including pumps! I present INNOSENCE.

Mothercare Innosense Baby Feeding Range

Taking 3 years to develop, Mothercare recruited a panel of baby-care and product design experts to put their 50 YEARS of serving parents, into the creation of this feeding range. No stone was left un-turned – they even consulted speech therapists to make sure the bottle teats were correct for the development of mouth muscles! Let’s look….

The bottle teat is off centre so that it doesn’t have to be tipped. Super wide neck to prevent formula spillage issues! £5.99 Mothercare.

Mothercare Innosense Baby Feeding Range

Unfortunately, I’m out the market for this kind of baby gear and have been for 5 years, but I did make it my business to nab a pair of these brilliant silicon ‘finger-slippers’.  Aside from being genius for one-eyed groggy non-slip bottle building in the dead of night – for me they are brilliant for manicure preservation and non-contamination through human contact! Win win win! £2.99 Mothercare.

Mothercare Innosense Baby Feeding Range

An oblong steriliser! Round – who needs it? Takes up far too much room. This is where Mothercare win. You cannot argue with 50 years of selling baby products. They know what works and what doesn’t. £59.99 Mothercare.

Mothercare Innosense Baby Feeding Range

And this flat-pack drying rack is also genius. £9.99 Mothercare.

Mothercare Innosense Baby Feeding Range


For once – I’m liking that it’s matchy-matchy. I have had enough of the ridiculous mismatch of any baby-related plastic products. Ugh ugh ugh!

So there you go people – Mothercare by name, Mothercare by nature. I must have been impressed – the only plastic I normally like to write about is the type that goes into a CHIP and PIN machine and buys things for you.

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