Show-off cupcake ideas

Today is our 3rd birthday! So in honour of this, for our last party post of the week – we give you 3 quick and easy ways to make cupcakes look FABULOUS at a party. I have bought Lola’s Cupcakes to demonstrate…but for the less baking-challenged home-made works too!

1. Ballooncakes

These tiny balloons are so cute and diddy, and can be used in countless ways for MAJOR show-off points at a party!


Simply attach the balloon to a cocktail stick and stick in your cupcake. TA DAH…they can be used as a brilliant place setting for each child, a going home present or just to look fab on the party table!


Available from Pretty Little Party Shop £2.49 for a mixed pack of 12 or £1.29 for a single colour pack of 5. Colours include: Pink, Blue, Lilac, Mint, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Cream, Clear. They can be filled with helium or your own puff. Either way, I bet they make much less noise when they go POP!

2. Cupcake Cocktails

You need 4 things – plastic champagne flutes, cupcakes, a bag of sweets and a birthday candle.


Add the sweets (colour co-ordinating of course) to the glass first.


Pad out any gaps with tiny sweets like Tic Tacs, and then top with the cupcake and some sweet toppings to match. I used  a selection of pink, white and red sweets from Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe and added an orange tie-dye candle from Tiger on top!


3. Candyland Cupcake

Kids LOVE lollipops. How about decorating your cupcake with them. Lollipops and lots of sweets – go crazy with the toppings.


Dreadful sugar overload I know..but we are talking party treats after all! Just don’t tell the dentist…

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