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TV is my FAVOURITE babysitter. It doesn’t charge by the hour. Is NEVER more beautiful or young than me. It’s the only time my kids are quiet and not bothering me. Fabulous. But I do know that there are better ways to occupy the girls. Cue….Little Puggle. Now this is another one of those concepts like Anorak Magazine, I wish I’d thought of myself *stamps stilettoed foot*. Let me explain.

Little Puggle Kids Creative Sets
Extra excitement at a box addressed to them..

Little Puggle are a subscription service, which delivers direct to your door an exciting box full of high quality arts and craft kits and fun activities for children aged between 3 and 7 years. This can either be monthly or bought as a gift one box at a time. G.E.N.I.U.S! You don’t have to delve into the depths of your baby brain for something fun and creative for them to do. And they are quiet for at least half an hour at a time, guilt-free for you.

Little Puggle Kids Creative Sets
Halloween Box Bursting with things to do

We checked out their Halloween box. The boxes come in three sizes, mini (1 kid) £12.95/month, original (1-2 kids) £19.95/month and playdate (up to 4 kids) £29.95/month. We had the Playdate size as my twins’ whole lives are one big playdate – which as well as tricking teachers and swapping boyfriends (not yet – but when the time comes…only Chelsea fans) is another great twin benefit.

Little Puggle Kids Creative Sets
Busy Busy...

They were busy with it for 2 days on the trot.

Little Puggle Kids Creative Sets
Busier Busier.......

The making a witch puppet was a bit tricky for them due to the requirement to read instructions. They can’t read unless it says ‘Ben has a Chip shop..’.  So we drafted in my 9 year old niece who just loved it.

Little Puggle Kids Creative Sets
Still going....

So that’s all folks, all my birthday presents are sorted. My kids loved it. And whilst they were busy, I helped the UK’s GDP and hit the online stores. WIN WIN.


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