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So another year – another birthday party. This year – the girls (lord help me for the future) asked for a pamper party.

One decision I made last year after going (online) around the world, driving myself mad to get cool plates, going home presents etc – was to go to a party store that can get the whole lot for me. So I can have my feet up and feel pampered myself!

Enter Little Lulubel, a one stop party store online to take away the stress of kids’ party planning. They have put together a selection of well designed, co-ordinated and stylish party kits to choose from and it’s all just a click away.

Little Lulubel Kids Party Kits Going Home Presents (3)
Imagine the bliss of not having to coordinate going home presents!

They have lots of different kits to suit your needs, tailored to boys and girls and even seasonal ones. For those of you breeding budding little scientists, this party kit is for you. LIGHT BULB MOMENT.. for all you pushy mums, how about a quick run through of the periodic table during food time! Science party kit £55.50 for 12 or £93.50 for 24 kids.

Little Lulubel Kids Party Kits Going Home Presents (5)

It’s not just party kits, they also have great going home presents, as well as dress-ups, party games, balloons and more more MORE.

Sonny Angel Collectible Figurine £6
Sonny Angel Collectible Figurine £6

And I’m happy to report, there is not a pink fairy or VILE character plate in sight.

Little Lulubel Kids Party Kits Going Home Presents (6)
Circus Party Kit from £46

And, because we like to give our people MORE MORE MORE – and because it is in fact our very own BLOG BIRTHDAY in May (we are 2!) one of our lucky SUBSCRIBERS will be entered into a draw to win a Little Lulubel party kit of your choice for 16 kids! If you are not already a subscriber, now is the time! We only ever give our freebies and discounts to our lovely subscribers. Get busy… and enjoy the party!

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