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So people, not only are we clever, beautiful, skinny, so so young and …dreaming…here at Kid Style Junkie HQ, we are also so so lucky. Why? Because the SUPER fabulous Decorah Beau from kids lifestyle blog and store Kickcan & Conkers has written us a guest post. Check it!

Hi! Pleased to meet you! I’m Deborah from Kickcan & Conkers, and I’m delighted to be contributing to Kid Style Junkie today. If you’ve ever visited my blog you will probably know that I love looking for unusual kids’ design, especially toys. My heart seems to be in Eastern Europe mostly, so today I’d like to share two new finds from Hungary and Poland.

Klocc for Kids is a small brand belonging to award-winning Hungarian designer Judit Ducsai. Felt handbags and accessories are Judit’s usual speciality but she recently tried her hand at creating products for young children and her modern, bright designs are certainly eye-catching. Made from 100% merino wool felt using traditional ‘blocking’ techniques (no stiffening or cutting involved), the Klocc for Kids range* can be hung up like a bag, used as a toy or as storage. I’m sure little ones love their friendly faces with the zip up mouth!

Hocki-Klocki (Building Blocks) appear to be very popular in Poland right now. I have seen them for sale in quite a few kids’ design shops and they were recently chosen as a Must-Have product at Lodz Design Festival.

Made by Od Rdrzeczy from very sturdy cardboard and deliberately plain, Hocki-Klocki kits come in various sizes and are basically for construction (I love their mini sets too). They may look simple but have been specifically designed to stimulate children’s imagination and to encourage them to work together as a team. The beauty of plain brown cardboard is that it can painted, coloured, collaged … decorated in any way you like, and that kind of creative invitation is priceless!

* Klocc for Kids do not have a webshop yet but take orders via email.

So lovely junkies, we look here, there, everywhere to find stylish things for you. Whatever it takes to give you your fix.

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