Wrap Up Bright and Stylish!

Gift oneupmanship is a game I have long ago opted out of. Well, in terms of their contents anyway. However…I am still in the game of oneupmanship when it comes to wrapping. My presents need stand out value. They need to be picked first from the sea of presents under the tree and opened.

So whilst on the hunt for some funky wrapping – I came across Neon London. I loved their work SO much, that I asked them do do us a Guest Post with their top gift wrapping tips – so Junkies, here you go…I PRESENT (see what I did?) Sophie from Neon London.

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We like to make all occasions as bright as possible, and Christmas is no exception! Super bright wrapping products are sure to make your presents stand out from under the tree this year, and if there’s one thing we’ve learnt when taking our products on the road — it’s that kids LOVE neon! Follow the easy steps below to make sure your holidays are as merry and bright as they possibly can be…

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What you will need: — Neon Wrapping Paper £2.95 (available in pink, yellow, green, orange, red + multi) — Neon Ribbon from £1.40 (various colours and sizes available) — Neon Gift Tags £2.49 (available in pink, yellow, green, orange, red + multi)

What to do: 1. Wrap your presents in your choice of neon paper. We like to use double sided tape to secure our presents for a neat finish, but you can use whatever you have to hand!

kids-xmas-christmas-gift-present-wrapping-tutorial-guest-post-neon-london-etsy (4)

2. Tie neon ribbon around your present, making sure to knot the ribbon to secure it. You can use contrasting colours of matchy matchy. Either way – the look ROCKS!

kids-xmas-christmas-gift-present-wrapping-tutorial-guest-post-neon-london-etsy (2)

3. Write your Christmas message on a neon gift tag and thread it onto a loose end of ribbon. Secure by simply knotting or tying a bow for a great finish.


You can also…

4. Use neon dot stickers £1.40 (2 sizes available) to secure your wrapping to add an extra pop of colour to your gifts. Try wrapping with a sheet of classic brown kraft paper to make it really stand out.

kids-xmas-christmas-gift-present-wrapping-tutorial-guest-post-neon-london-etsy (5)

5. Use one of our handmade neon pom pom bows (£1.50 each) instead of ribbon to add a fun twist on your wrapping this year.

kids-xmas-christmas-gift-present-wrapping-tutorial-guest-post-neon-london-etsy (4)

And voila. Stand out presents. Well, in terms of their wrapping anyway! Thank you Sophie! You’ve helped us get our stylish Xmas all wrapped up!

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