I’ll Give You The Slipper

It’s cold. It’s dark. Winter illnesses are penetrating the super sterile force-field I have tried to build around my house. I need to feel warm. I need to feel comfy. I need valium. Maybe I need to sell my kids? Sorry, I drifted off. Where was I. Oh yes, when the nights are long, cold and dark, we need comfort. And our kids do too. I’m talking hot chocolates, a crackling fireplace, lovely loungewear, and of course, the finishing touch, a great pair of slippers. Stylish ones bien sur. So how excited was I to discover this fab new brand A.Andreassen and doubly so, as we have two pairs to give away!

kids womens fashion slippers Scandinavian giveaway

A.Andreassen is a new Scandinavian women and kids lifestyle brand combining traditional crafts with contemporary design to to create simple, effective and elegant products and is the brainchild of London based footwear designer, Astrid Andreassen.

kids womens fashion slippers Scandinavian giveaway

Crafted from felt or leather, the mamma slippers (from £59.95) are called ‘Elskling’ and kids slippers are called ‘Lille Elskling'(from £39.95) , which is Norwegian for darling and little darling. And let me tell you they really are….well, darling.

kids womens fashion slippers Scandinavian giveaway

And I’ll tell you something else, as you’ll be wearing them indoors, I’ll throw caution to the wind and my usual judgments out the window, and say matchy match away with your mini me. You know you want to.

kids womens fashion slippers Scandinavian giveaway

And and AND today we have two pairs of Lille Elskling slippers to give away. All you need to do, if you are not clever enough to already, is subscribe to our newsletter and follow A.Andreassen and Kid Style Junkie on Instagram to be automatically be entered into our draw.

So my Elsklings get busy, to get lounging!



Boring but necessary T’s and C’s. We have two pairs of Lille Elskling (kids) slippers to give away to one winner. Promotion is in association with A.Andreassen. You have until midnight on Friday 22nd November 2015 to enter. Entry is only by both subscribing to Kid Style Junkie and following both A.Andreassen and Kid Style Junkie on Instagram. Winners will be notified via an email on Monday 23rd September 2015. The winner will liaise directly with the brand to sort out sizes. The winner has a maximum of 14 days to claim their prize.

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  1. Buty dla dzieci online Piccolino

    White slippers I like the most.

    • Suki P

      They are a great choice. Thank you for your feedback! Have a lovely Xmas! Suzanne

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