Let there be light

Oh I do so love a little break from the daily grind, but being round the house so much over the hols has made me crazy for CHANGE. So I shall begin with ideas for kids lamps that will light up their little lives, stylishly.

Let us begin. LOVING this memo board and LED wall light all rolled into one. What would your board say? I’m thinking……SSSSSSHHHHHHHHH! £188 from Made in Design

Kids Stylish Lights Room DecorIf the kids have been driving you MAD for a pet but you are not having ANY of it…. here’s a good compromise. They take on a certain reality that makes them good company in a room and they don’t poo or wee or bark. WIN WIN.  Made in Design £57.80 Get Out of Floor Lamp by Eno.

Kids Stylish Lights Room Decor

Check these! You can personalise them with a name or any message or name. LOVE LOVE LOVE ….They make the perfect bedside light . Made from solid oak and designed by LEAL, £135 from Molly Meg.


I really like this one. Sit their favourite book on it and you’ve made a house! The Penguin Classic may be a little optimistic …more like Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter but at least they won’t lose their place! Book Rest Lamp by SUCK UK available from Tesco Direct £37.95


This is one mouse I wont be running from. White jelly mouse light by Egmont Toys from My Little Square €48.

Kids Stylish Lights Room Decor

So, like me people – SEE THE LIGHT. Make changes. Go shopping!


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