I can sing a rainbow

It’s that time of year again. Rain. Cold. Miserable. Crying kids every morning. Or maybe that’s just mine? So I wanted to brighten up your days with a trend that is big this Spring for our little people – Rainbows. Let’s go!

Kids Fashion Accessories Rainbow Style Top Picks (3)
Pretty-yes. But remember that post Xmas cellulite….

First up a special rainbow mention must go to Jools Oliver’s Little Bird collection for Mothercare. It’s rainbowtastic, and fantastic. Love this sweatshirt! From £10 Mothercare.

kids-fashion-accessories-rainbow-style-top-picks (1)

Get ready for summer with these brilliant rainbow sandals by Stella McCartney from £87 from Alex and Alexa (available soon).

kids-fashion-accessories-rainbow-style-top-picks (2)


This necklace by total FAVE accessories brand of mine Pop Cutie is a Rainbow MUST!

kids-fashion-accessories-rainbow-style-top-picks (3)


Stella’s big into this trend – and it goes down as low as babies! This rainbow romper is almost birthworthy. £64 Stella McCartney.

kids-fashion-accessories-rainbow-style-top-picks (3)

Little Bird by Jools striped gilet from £14 Mothercare is a trans-seasonal rainbow must have!

kids-fashion-accessories-rainbow-style-top-picks (2)

This bag is yet another winner by backpack geniuses Mad Pax.

kids-fashion-accessories-rainbow-style-top-picks (2)

Love the contrast of the brights and the black with these rainbow stripe shorts by Mini Rodini £30.

kids-fashion-accessories-rainbow-style-top-ten-top-10 (1)

Rainbow all over print shirt from £4 Next.

Kids Fashion Accessories Rainbow Style Top Picks (7)

Wellies by Molo from Alex and Alexa.

kids-fashion-accessories-rainbow-style-top-picks (1)

And what do we find at the end of a rainbow? A croc of……super cool GOLD trainers from Zara Kids £19.99.

Stylish Kids Fashion Accessories Rainbow Style Top Picks (1)

So people, without rain, there would’t be rainbows. And without KSJ, there would be a lot of unstylish kids. Get busy!

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  1. Mallorie

    Colorful and pretty

  2. Kristal

    I LOVE the brights, magic and crazy wonder of rainbows. You are right, nothing helps with these yawn wet and drizzly mornings more than colour. Fortunately my kids are only 4 and 2 so I can help them style themselves as a myriad colour everyday. Ooo these make me smile.

    Great blog. And where are those ice cream glasses from? I’m need those in my life. Ooo and the Stella’s.

    With SPARKLE

    • Suki P

      Thank you for such a lovely comment.The glasses are from Pinterest – my new obsessional site! x

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