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Now, I don’t know about you but when I think of kid-friendly holidays I conjure up horrid images of children’s buffets, soft play pandemonium and drop-in kid’s clubs. NOT the case with the new vacation rental website from Kid & Coe

The Christian 1Xth Residence, Copenhagen (starting at €192 per night)

Kid & Coe have brought together a stellar list of properties that are family homes around the world, that you can rent for your holidays. Or if you prefer and want to earn a bit of cash to splash on some fabulous kids clothes for example – you can list your very own home! This site is not good if you suffer from ‘home envy’ – I want to live in every one of their rentals. I especially love the 11th Street penthouse in Greenwich Village, NY …

11th Street Penthouse, NY

Or if you prefer closer to home check this out – Folly cottage in the Cotswolds – apparently it’s just down the road from Prince Charles… and it’s fit for our very own Princes and Princesses!

Starting at £254.30/night

All homes are child friendly and in friendly neighbourhoods. They have even done some homework for you, as each property comes with The City Scout, a little guide put together by the property owners for their guests of where to go, what to do etc – so you can feel like a local. Now THAT you don’t get from a hotel. I feel a trip coming on! First of all to Kid & Coe and then….


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    Thanks for this. Looking for Christmas options now.

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