Keepy Your Kids Artwork

Every child’s artwork is a masterpiece for any parent, and it deserves a spot on the refrigerator door. However, if they like mine – they create their erm..masterpieces on a daily basis, storing them could be a huge problem.

Enter Offir Gutelzon and his team, who have developed a digital way of storing these works of art and sharing them online. May I introduce you to your NBF – Keepy.

Keepy Kids Art Sharing App iOS Devices (2)Keepy basically allows users to take a photo of their kids’ drawings, school projects, LEGO creations, or face paintings. These pictures can now be stored in the user’s cloud account, which can be shared to their loved ones online.

See how it works…and weep you didn’t think of it…

Aside from taking snapshots, it also allows users to record videos of special events that can also be stored digitally.

Keepy Kids Art Sharing App iOS Devices (1)

So as opposed to surreptitiously chucking your kids tut – I mean…art in the bin like I do – Keepy allows you to preserve the magic of childhood imaginations! Try to Keepy me away – I’m all over it!

Special thanks to Jennifer Birch who introduced us to Keepy and co-wrote this piece. Follow her on Twitter.





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