Jools Rools in the School of Cool

I’m a poet and boy do I know it! So I went on a little trip to Mothercare’s Christmas in July press event, where I caught up with the lovely Jools Oliver to chat about her first collection for Mothercare called Little Bird.

Jools Oliver Mothercare Little Bird
Great Display!

If I had a to pick a handful of words to describe the collection they would be:

HOLISTIC (not in the vile hippy way…ugh) but in that everything was singing from the same hymn sheet. Nothing was disjointed or looked out of place. From the gorgeous toadstool doorstop, to the retro style deer moneybox, to the blankets, to the mobile, to the clothes, to the buttons on the clothes – EVERYTHING had the same ‘feel’.

NOSTALGIC – the line was very inspired by Jools’ own baby and kidsclothes. Her mother kept a lot of them for Jools to give to her own children. There was a definite nod to vintage styles, patterns and textures in the collection.

RETRO – there was a retro feel to some of the clothes. These were my personal fave’s.

VALUE – I could weep giant tears at the prices. Prices start from £7! SUCH good value for the sheer quality and design.

Enough chat from me – let my top picks from the collection do the talking…

Nice no? And there’s MORE MORE MORE! At KSJ we like to dig deeper than that! Here’s what Jools had to say to moi about her kids’ style and styling her kids too! Watch and learn…

So, my lovelies, what I’ve learnt today is that Jools Oliver is lovely, pretty, amazing figure (after 4 pregnancies), a talented designer, yummy mummy, stylish, married to a good cook……, I hate her…….;0)


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  1. Ipshita

    LOL She is perfect 🙂 Nice post

  2. Tracey Chalk

    Oh my gosh Lady. Amazing! Love her. Love the collection and even if i wouldn’t buy it all i thin k there is something for everyone. Well done Jools!

    • Suki P

      I agree. ‘Tis a job very well done. Thanks! x

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